A sense of perfection is necessary when designing a truly good loudspeaker, particularly when you want to produce the best sound quality. DS18 components were developed through a combination through a combination of art and science to construct the perfect speaker/crossover combination that will work seamlessly and look good while doing so.

Type Component Set Component Set Component Set Component Set
Size Passive Crossover (pair) 4" Midrange (pair) 6.5" Woofer (pair) 1" Dome Tweeter (pair)
RMS Power 250W 50W 200w 30W
MAX Power 500W 100W 400w 60W
Frequency response Woofer: 20Hz-800Hz
Tweeter: 720Hz-20KHz
Midrange: 256Hz-7.8HKz
370-5.5KHz 65-20KHz 920-20KHz
Impedance   4 ohm 4 ohm 4 ohm
Sensitivity    94.2dB 89dB 95.2dB
Package quantity 1 PAIR 1 PAIR 1 PAIR 1 PAIR

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