30 Bands at 1/3 octave spacing allows precise adjustment at each 1/3 octave measured frequency from 20 Hz to 20KHz
12dB boost or cut available at each of the 30 bands
High voltage preamp accepts 500 mV to 9 volts audio signal & supplies up to 9 volts of output
Separate left and right input/output controls allows precise adjustment to input sensitivity & channel balancing
Separate left and right input/output clipping LED visual indicators to aid in setting input gain controls
Mono/Stereo selector allows one KEQ30 to equalize both the left and right channels or two units for independent left and right equalization settings
Tiffany RCA jacks allow high speed signal low transfer distortion
Remote out allows to send out a turn on voltage to other audio equipment
EQ/Bypass switch allows you to defeat the equalizer and compare equalized and non-equalized sound

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